More of My Favorite Things


Don Kaplan

In addition to the recordings I included in the first part of “A Few of My Favorite Things” there are many other recordings I enjoy having in my collection. If for some reason my first group of LPs and CDs spontaneously combusted, the following selections would do nicely as desert island picks. (YouTube references are provided.)

Various: Ninna Nanna ca. 1500–2002/Montserrat Figueras, vocals (AliaVox SACD) An unusual album of lullabies from a variety of sources and time periods performed by early music vocalist Montserrat Figueras accompanied by period instrument ensemble Hesperion XI

By Don Kaplan

It’s well-known for its fog, iconic bridge, wineries, redwood forests, and cable cars. It’s also known to early music enthusiasts as a world-class early music research center, for being home to one of our nation’s oldest and most prominent early music societies (SFEMS–the San Francisco Early Music Society), and for sponsoring one of the three most important early music festivals in Europe and America, the Berkeley Festival and Exhibition (BFX). …

Don Kaplan

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